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Mireya González

Mireya was born in Chile, raised in Brazil and from a very young age, has been interested in many forms of art. Initially with a passion for illustrative art and oil painting, she spent 5 years studying and  became a freelance illustrator after. Years later her interests shifted towards Photography and this interest has become a full-time dedication since, learning from some of the best photographers in the industry. Her work has been showcased in various collective exhibitions in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is passionate about fine art portraiture in particular and has been recognised and awarded in this field. Through her photography she aims to tell the story of the people captured and combine this with her skills as a visual artist to create beautiful imagery. "I love that each photograph is a moment that will be eternalised, a lasting image that can bring joy for generations to come".

Leticia Valverdes

Brazilian Leticia Valverdes studied Fine Art at London Guildhall University. Her personal and commissioned photographic work concentrates on interactions with people. Her projects have been featured in a number of group and solo shows in the UK and abroad and together with her reportage work have been published in various magazines such as the Sunday Times, The Independent, Telegraph, Marie Clarie, Colors among others. She has received various awards and grants. “I love immersing myself creatively into different aspects of the world and to be a small part of your day, registering your most beautiful moments for posterity would be an enormous pleasure".

  • 25+ years? experience

    25+ years’ experience

  • Creative, versatile repertoire of skills

    Creative, versatile repertoire of skills

  • Friendly, client focused service

    Friendly, client focused service

  • Comprehensive selection of packages

    Comprehensive selection of packages

  • Tailor made bespoke service as required

    Tailor made bespoke service as required

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    Professionally Equipped for all requirements